Arrested In Fort Lauderdale? Need Ft Lauderdale Criminal Defense

If you were arrested in Fort Lauderdale you need a local criminal defense attorney.

Selecting the right Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney for yourself or a loved one can be one of the most important decisions you can make. Guy Seligman is here to help you get through this challenging time and hopefully make the process  easier.

Fort Lauderdale is tough on crime and sometimes the police, state attorney and the local criminal judges can be ruthless. The local sheriff has a tough on crime approach. You better get a local lawyer who knows the ropes.

Why You Should  Hire a Local Criminal Defense Attorney
Anyone who has been arrested or charged with committing a crime  in Fort Lauderdale should get the help of a  local criminal defense attorney.  The outcome of the  criminal case can  depend on a fast intervention by a qualified criminal attorney. You need to do this  immediately after being arrested and  before formal charges have been filed.  I may be able to  negotiate a dismissal before any charges are actually filed. The key to taking advantage of  this is done with  representation immediately after the arrest.

Negotiating prior to authorization of charges, plea bargaining, or other discussion about dropping or lessening charges is more likely to happen in the early stages of the criminal  case rather than after charges have been completed. I  may be able to intervene and work with some  bargaining room with the prosecutor.


Any kind of arrest with criminal charges can  become a very serious matter if not handled quickly and proficiently. To build the best defense against your charges we  must  act quickly for the best chance of favorable results for you or a loved one

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